Discover the origin of Heinz Ketchup’s flavour with plantable labels

By on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Heinz Brazil and agency Africa have created a label that you can plant and grow your own tomato plant, challenging the fact “many people still do not believe Heinz Ketchup is essentially made of tomato” says Heinz Brazil’s brand building manager, Luana Sa.

Tomato First: Heinz Invites Consumers To Plant The Tomatoes That Give Rise  To Its Unique Ketchup – Marketing Communication News

As a reminder of the foundation ingredient of ketchup, 300 special-edition labels have been created, all containing tomato seeds. These bottles of Ketchup are available via Heinz’s online channels, and in Pao De Acucar supermarkets in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In order to encourage consumers to plant and care for their tomato plant, they have also challenged buyers to share updates of their tomato plants in exchange for restaurant discounts.

Heinz Ketchup celebrates main ingredient with plantable tomato seed labels  | The Drum

Label translation: Plant this label and find out from where Heinz Ketchup’s flavour comes from.

Luana Sa, Heinz Brazil’s brand building manager, explains: “We noticed that many people still do not believe Heinz Ketchup is essentially made of tomato. With this action, we wish to show that our ketchup has this distinct flavor because we put tomato in the first place, from our seeds, Heinz Seeds, which we plant and cultivate at home. The plantable label reinforces Heinz Ketchup quality and superiority, praising our main ingredient and invites the consumer to take part and understand more about this process.“

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