The ‘walk of shame’ redefined: Otto’s Coffee House, Kent

By on Thursday, August 12, 2021

Otto’s Coffee Shop in Sevenoaks, Kent has taken abandoning disposable coffee cups to the next level. Over the course of one month, the coffee shop collected 15,000 discarded coffee cups and decided to make a pretty punchy visual statement.

The staff recreated how the cups got to the ground in the first place by dumping them all over the floor of the shop. Customers who requested a disposable cup would have to endure a ‘walk of shame’ and wade through the sea of cups to reach the counter. Conversely, customers who had brought their own reusable cup had their orders taken at the door. Pretty nifty stunt-work.

Since May, Otto’s Coffee Shop has only served customers who have their own cup. Economically a risky move- however, a step they clearly feel comfortable taking. Disposable coffee cups certainly have a detrimental effect on the natural world. A stunt like this is not only entertaining for its tongue-in-cheek nature, but also mightily effective at sending messages of personal responsibility and collective sustainability.

If you’d like to find out more check it out here:

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