Change The Lineup wants men to take responsibility for their actions

By on Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Poster campaign Change The Lineup is a simple yet effective plea aiming to raise awareness of sexual harassment at public events.

Created by Tom Snell and Dylan Hartigan, the campaign’s neon posters are reminiscent of 80’s rave posters and easily capture the attention of passers-by. At first the posters appear to be performance adverts but a closer glance reveals a fake line-up which is, nevertheless, the reality for many.

The tongue-in-cheek text features special guests  ‘Unwanted staring all night’ and ‘Non-consensual presents: persistent male’ – all-too-familiar villains of a standard night out.

The tragic murder of Sarah Everard has renewed attention to the prolific sexual harassment and violence against women, which Snell and Hartigan are aiming to combat. The posters were hung around popular nightlife centres in London – including Shoreditch and Farringdon –  showing a well-thought out approach to capturing partygoers’ attention.

This campaign wants men to change their behaviour, and Snell and Hartigan plan to drive this point home by handing out Change The Lineup merchandise at freshers fairs and events – using a graphic approach to bring this crisis usually swept out of sight, to the forefront.

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