Kellogg’s upgrade their cereal boxes for blind and partially sighted people

By on Friday, July 2, 2021

Fine print can be a struggle to read for anyone, important information can be missed especially when people are visually impaired. To make their packaging more accessible for shoppers, Kellogg’s are rolling out new boxes that allow smartphones to easily detect a code that plays the fine print out-loud, back to the customer.

All users have to do is download an app called NaviLens and point their phone at a square label on the black background of the box. The technology is especially advanced as it can detect the codes from up to three metres away!

Once scanned, the app will read out the ingredients, allergen and packaging disposal information all to the customer. Alternatively, it can be read by the shopper with customised accessibility tools on their device.

The upgrade is hitting shelves first with Special K in January 2022 and will then roll out across their cereal range throughout the year. It comes after a successful trial on Coco-Pops boxes, in partnership with Co-Op.

The same technology is used in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Murcia in their transport systems to help blind and partially sighted people travel more easily and safely.

Kellogg’s have expressed that it hoped other brands will work towards the goal of making supermarkets a more accessible place for those with sight loss.

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