Hendrick’s Gin transforms boring bus-stops into floral summer gardens 

By on Friday, July 23, 2021

With lockdown ending and the warm weather showing no sign of relent, Hendricks Gin has launched their latest OOH campaign, encouraging weary commuters to escape the drab conventions of the city.

Hendrick's Bus Shelters from Space on Vimeo.

Made possible by creative agency Space, the victorian bus stops will be launching across London, Manchester, Brighton, Cardiff, and Liverpool. 

The surreal victorian shelters consist of ‘living’ garden roofs, made up of real roses and cucumbers, victorian styled bells, aptly engraved ‘Press for the Peculiar’, and hundreds of intricate hand-written messages that only the most curious of people will find.

To attract the noses of commuters walking by, a unique scent will be dispensed from the shelter, wafting the fragrant smells of roses and cucumber down the street.

Most notable, however, is the giant, upside-down 3D recreation of the Hendrick’s Gin bottle encased within a 6-sheet panel. The bottle continuously pours real liquid, without ever overflowing, into a glass of Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Lemonade

Sean Kelly, Associate Director at Space, says: “Hendrick’s Gin injects the mundane with the peculiar through their unique approach to gin making. Through the lens of this unique and highly delectable gin, we’ve turned the daily commute upside-down by transforming bus shelters into portals to another world. It’s been a pleasure to continue our most curious journey with the Hendrick’s team.”

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