Papa Gone. Papa Johns removes ‘Papa’ from their iconic logo to raise awareness for prostate cancer

By on Monday, June 21, 2021

This Fathers Day, Papa Johns removed the ‘Papa’ from their iconic logo to draw attention to prostate cancer throughout the UK. By doing so, the brand is helping honour those that have lost their lives to the illness whilst raising awareness of those that may still be at risk.

Prostate cancer is easily the most common cancer among men, with one man dying every 45 minutes in the UK alone. To help Prostate Cancer UK’s mission to save more dads Papa Johns included a donation page to their website – encouraging people to ‘dough-nate’ through the fundraising page.

Nicola Tallett, Director of Fundraising and Supporter Engagement, at Prostate Cancer UK: “Life just isn’t the same without fathers, dads and papas. By removing ‘Papa’ from their logo, Papa John’s is asking people to imagine what life would be without fathers; Imagine a day without the selfless, funny, brilliant things they do that make them great – the care, the jokes, the dancing, the things we miss when they’re lost too soon. Together we can fight for all dads and all men lost too soon to prostate cancer.”

Help save more dads this Father’s Day by visiting

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