Bentley’s AI-powered System Creates Bespoke Tunes That Harmonise With Your Journey

By on Friday, June 25, 2021

The British luxury automaker is teaming up with LifeScore to develop a brand-new way of listening to music. After extensive research, Bentley have created an AI-powered system which tracks the inputs from the vehicle and driver, to create bespoke music.

The ‘adaptive music’ player composes music in real-time to harmonise with the driver’s behaviours, allowing driving to become a synchronised experience between car and driver.

Lifescore uses musicians to record the building blocks of a song – this may be a drum sequence or a strum on a guitar. The AI-powered system then selects the correct sounds based in the feedback from the driver and car.

The musical algorithms are made so that the compositions are in complete coherence with driver – an  hours worth of human generated feedback will compose near-to unlimited hours of music.

Every journey differs, therefore the results in music experiences will also vary. On busier roads where the driver is changing gear, the music choice may be different to if the driver were cruising along an empty motorway.

For example, when the driver is using the Enhanced driving mode, the music is more up tempo and stimulating than it is when the driver is in Cocoon mode, where the music is said to have a slowly- building, relaxed feel.

Long gone are the days where we would fumble through radio channels to find a song that we not only liked, but matched our mood for that drive. Bentley have constructed a system which will allow users to feel more connected to their driving experience.

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