Reese’s release a makeup collection.

By on Thursday, April 22, 2021

Just as we thought the iconic peanut buttercup brand couldn’t get any sweeter, Reese’s has teamed up with cosmetics company HipDot to release a makeup collection.

With the candy being delicious in all it’s forms, whether it’s pieces, bars, cups or eggs, fans are always left wanting more and so, what better than to make the treat a permanent feature for your face!

Unfortunately, the tasty range is not edible, however the peanut butter scent is likely to get you licking your lips.

The line will include two lip balms, two makeup brushes, and a couple of delicious eyeshadow palettes, available in Milk and White chocolate variations with six vibrant shades each.

If you are keen to try out the peanut butter cup delight, it’s available to buy here.

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