Nike launches new maternity collection in powerful new Ad

By on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

For Mothers Day, Nike released its latest ad aimed at promoting its maternity range of sportswear for pregnant women, called Nike (M).

The spot addresses the sensitive topic around the concerns that women may have about their body as it changes throughout pregnancy. As they begin to notice these transformations, they may feel less inclined to exercise due to discomfort or embarrassment.

Nike however, has stepped in to reassure women that not only is this normal but pregnancy is one of the most athletic things a woman can do. To demonstrate this, the ad features more than 20 mothers across various stages of their pregnancy all of whom are continuing to exercise in their preferred ways.

Alongside everyday athletes, some professionals are also thrown in for good measure. Keen viewers will spot the likes of Alex Morgan, Perri Edwards, Bianca Williams, and, of course, Serena Williams.

Filmed during the global pandemic, the ad features intimate footage shot by the mothers and their friends and families, with the shoots directed via Zoom.

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