Palace Skateboards and Stella Artois open secret SpeakEasy in London skate store

By on Thursday, February 18, 2021

In an unlikely partnership Palace and Stella Artois have teamed up to open a super-secret bar in their London, Palace skate store. On top of this, they’ve also collaborated on a unique range of ‘Palace Artois’ streetwear clothing to run alongside the campaign.

Working with sponsored pro-skater Lucien Clarke the campaign features one main film and two teasers shot and produced by Palace’s production agency, MPC Creative, during full Covid lockdown.

Head of creative development, Richard Skinner said: “There were exactly 7.4 easier ways to make this same film, but we like to suffer for our art and the client REALLY wanted to have a pub in their shop. Rightly so, as it adds a well-earned layer of connection and social excitement for their customers who have been lucky enough to have visited their store. So, if any future client says “Hey, can you build a pub in my shop so we can fill it with skaters drinking Stella, please?” We know the answer.

As mentioned, the collaboration also features a series of unique Palace Stella Artois designed clothing, launching worldwide on the 19th Feb 2021.

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