Cards Against Humanity Or Brands?

By on Thursday, February 11, 2021

With card games making a mighty comeback due to none other than Covid – 19, creatives Ellie Daghlian and Elisa Czerwenka have given the famous game an interesting twist.

Brands Against Humanity aims to look at the harsh truths about business and shares real-life examples (or horror stories), including brands like Coco Cola & Amazon. Offering a satirical perspective, the game calls out some of the biggest mistakes made by some of the biggest brands.


With examples like: “Coco Cola’s campaign to remove tap water from restaurants” & many more. The game doesn’t hide from calling out corporations, holding them accountable for their missteps.

The game also comes with a bonus ‘Corporate Apology Bingo’ card, which pokes fun at the apologies brands make when experiencing a crisis. Statements like “ We missed the mark” & “Quick act like we care” are some of the many in the game that highlights the nature of a PR disaster, which the brands in this card game have experienced.

The creative duo have stated that “You should be allowed to call out bad behaviour whatever you do. Particularly if it’s common knowledge, which most of the information in this game is. We just put it on some cards,”

You can download the expansion pack here.

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