Australian Lamb unites state leaders, encouraging them to ‘Make Lamb, Not Walls’

By on Friday, January 22, 2021

Over years of escalating state disagreement dividing their nation, worsened by the effects of the global pandemic, Australian Lamb seeks to unite and celebrate the Aussie spirit through their delicious lamb.

The campaign presents a series of light-hearted murals featuring state leaders uniting over cutlets of lamb. Placed at multiple borders and city spots across the country, The Monkeys Agency, part of Accenture Interactive, aimed to parody the famous Berlin Wall mural ‘The Kiss’.

Australians have come accustomed to life in the shadows behind these so-called walls, unaware of what lies on the other side. To break down these barriers, this new OOH activation invites citizens to come together to share a joint passion, and what better than over a succulent snack?

These murals follow Meat and Livestock Australia’s summer ad which anticipates a not-too-distant future of the dividing nation escalating to new heights. The scent of the lamb offers a beacon of hope as Aussie’s from far and wide assemble to tear down the great wall together.

Graeme Yardy, domestic market manager at MLA, said: “2020 has been a year that has really tested the Australian spirit. For the first time in our history having hard borders between states has challenged how to stay connected as individuals and as a country. As a brand that celebrates unity and the power of coming together, this year in the ad, we wanted to remind Australians that we are always stronger together. Our hope for 2021 will be that the virtual get togethers of the last 12 months, will be replaced with an Aussie lamb barbie, the most unifying, and delicious meal of all.”

“In testing times, it’s easy to forget we still live in the greatest country in the world.” added Vince Lagana, executive creative director, The Monkeys. “Border closures have challenged our Aussie spirit with our nation feeling more separated than ever. Thankfully, nothing a little optimism, good natured fun and a unifying lamb cutlet can’t fix.”

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