Sainsbury’s troll Beyonce for ‘stealing’ their style

By on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Pop sensation Beyonce has been trolled by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s – accusing the star of “stealing their style”.

Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collection has just dropped – a collaboration that she’s worked on with Adidas but people quickly spotted that the range bears an uncanny resemblance the iconic uniform worn by Sainsbury’s staff.

The colour palette is basically identical to that of the uniform worn in Sainsbury’s.

Sainbury’s responded with a subtweet, posting a photo of their uniform with ‘the original’ written on the image, as they told fans: ‘Repping since 1869’.

The new Ivy Park collection will drop on Saturday, 18 January.

If it sells out you can always get a part time job at Sainsbury’s and wear it out.

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