Everything’s better On the Beach with Iggy Pop

By on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

No matter how bad things get, everything’s better on the beach.

Uncommon’s debut campaign for On the Beach features Iggy Pop’s soothing tones, golden sand, and the worst week of people’s lives. 

It’s a big step away from the travel retailers previous ads, starring an anthropomorphic and, frankly, terrifying sandcastle.

In each of the three films shot by Jeff Low, the protagonist relaxes under the beaming sunshine with the witty stories told solely through narration. 

Wonderfully simple with brilliant copywriting, they paint a vivid picture of just how ludicrously bad a week the actors are having; including poisoning a cake for a charity bake sale and finding out your best friend is sleeping with both of your parents. The latter even has its own microsite: thesuburbancowboys.com. 

Yet they’re not at all phased. Because they’re on the beach, of course.

The campaign “speaks to the power of that restful feeling on a beach, reflecting its universal healing nature against a hyperbolic modern outlook of the world we live in today,” says Uncommon.

The campaign launched over the weekend and will roll out over the festive period.

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