Vegemite and Marmite go head to head in advert war ahead of The Ashes

By on Monday, August 12, 2019

Vegemite and Marmite have engaged in a heated war of words with both brands taking out full page ads aimed at the other ahead of the 2019 Ashes cricket tournament.

After news reached the creatives over at Vegemite that Marmite were handing out free jars during the first Ashes test matches, they issued a full page advert in the Daily Mirror calling out their British rival.

‘We wish @Marmite all the best but don’t expect Aussies to be bowled over by their antics at the cricket’ – tweeted the brand.

Marmite have now responded with their own advert, on behalf of the ‘Marmy Army.’


The copy makes playful reference to the ball tampering scandal that marred the Australian team’s last Ashes bid.

It is yet to be seen if this is the last of the exchange or if more banter can be expected from the two brands before the final showdown at the Oval in September.

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