Wood protection brand streams 12 year ‘fight’ in a boxing ring

By on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wood protection brand Sioo:x is challenging competitors to a 12-year product durability test, in a project called The Slow Fight.

The test is taking place in a custom-built boxing ring with a wooden floor.

The location: Lofoten, in the north of Norway – a place famous for its extreme weather.

One half of the ring floor is treated with Sioo:x’s, while the other half is untreated.

Sioo:x’s challenge to its competitors is simple: come to the ring, apply your treatment and let battle commence.

The fight begins on June 4 but for those who can’t make it to Norway, the entire event will be streamed live 24-hours a day.

The campaign  is a continuation of last year’s “World’s most boring billboard” campaign.

Sioo:x’s MD Herje Boström, said: “We want to show that our products are superior to our competitors in every way. And that takes more than pretty words and empty product promises. In 12 years, we’ll see the results in black and white.”

Agency: Stendahls

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