Kapten pranks london with hidden cameras exposing hidden charges

By on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

London’s newest ride-hailing app Kapten have pulled a hilarious prank on Londoners to publicise their unique fixed price policy.

Hidden costs have become part of everyday life for those using ride-hailing apps in the city. Whether its costs for congestion charges or concealed taxes, residents in the city have now become accustomed to these fees.

Kapten, whose customers are told the exact price of their journey before they ride, have decided to test how the public would react to price hikes in an everyday situation by setting up a prank market stall.

The stall, at London’s hipster-central Spitafield market, advertised the items for sale for just 50p – however if you think you’re getting a sweet deal, think again. When customers went to pay they were met with an unpleasant surprise when they were charged for a range of unexpected costs.

Rigged with hidden cameras to capture their confused, bemused and sometimes furious reactions, customers at the stall were given a range of excuses by Kapten’s market trader for the sudden hike in prices for their goods, including: “You see, the customer has to pay for my trading costs” and “It’s more of an estimate really. It’s between 50p and eight quid.”

Reactions from unsuspecting Londoners ranged from mild to wild, with customers even shouting at Kapten’s market stall trader in frustration as their 50p products started skyrocketing in price – whilst others laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

Mariusz Zabrocki, London General Manager of Kapten, says: “Kapten’s mission is to be the most transparent ride-hailing app in the city. Through opening a typical London market stall, we wanted to show Londoners the absurdity of existing ride-hailing app pricing and highlight the unfairness of extra costs. Kapten customers know exactly what they’ll be paying for their journey upfront – no hidden charges, no nasty surprises.”

Kapten launched in London in February this year.

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