Burger King promotes ‘clown-free’ birthday parties

By on Sunday, May 12, 2019

Burger King is taking aim at it’s rival McDonald’s with a new ad campaign promoting clown-free children’s birthday parties.

The new print ads feature real photos of children crying whilst being hugged by clowns.

The family photo-album style artwork on the ads is fabulous and the copy strap reads: ‘come to Burger King and book a clown-free party’

The ads land with precision accuracy capitalising on the well-known cultural fact that clowns are bloody terrifying. In fact, a fear of clowns is known as coulrophobia, or as I like to call it ‘fear of balloon-modeling, make-up wearing, pie-chucking maniacs’.

Of course, it’s Ronald McDonald in the cross-hairs, who’s been traumatising kids for years. Take a look at the ads:

The ads have been created by Spanish agency LOLA MullenLowe, the same team who created the brilliant Scary Clown Night Promotion: https://youtu.be/qI-IRzzoBfw

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