BrewDog hacks Waze to warn Brazilians’ about Drink Driving

By on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Drinking and driving is an ongoing issue in Brazil which is worsened during the Carnival celebrations. Aware of its role in these situations, BrewDog Sao Paulo launched the campaign #ThrowBackCrash.

‘Throw Back Crash’ warned drivers of the inherent risks of alcohol by mapping 50 previous crashes linked to intoxication on Waze GPS in the hopes of deterring the apps users from driving under the influence.

Érica Rocha, Marketing Manager at BrewDog Sao Paulo, said: “We hold socio-environmental responsibility as a pillar and we are aware of our responsibility in creating new societal practices. And drinking and driving is undoubtedly one of them…By using an app that people commonly use to avoid police roadblocks to send such an impacting message of social responsibility is a very innovative way to call the public’s attention.”


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