10 of the best PR stunts and creative marketing campaigns (Feb 2019)

By on Sunday, March 3, 2019

It’s a round-up of some of the best creative work by brands and agencies that hit the headlines last month.

What was your favourite? Did we miss any?

We need to talk about the creative marketing genius of Aviation Gin

When he’s not busy smashing out hit movies Ryan Reynolds is creating some of the coolest liquor marketing I’ve seen in a long while.

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IKEA France to install Nordic hot tubs along the banks of the River Seine

To promote the release of the Ikea catalogue devoted to the world of the bathroom – the Swedish home store giant are setting up Nordic baths on the banks of the Seine.

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Nike celebrates “crazy” women in sport in new #justdoit ad

Following on from last year’s highly controversial advert starring NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Nike have released a new ad celebrating “crazy” female athletes.

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Ford launches anti ‘mattress-hogging’ bed

Ford has taken their lane assist technology for cars to help couples get a good night’s sleep with a unique bed designed to put an end to “mattress-hogging” once and for all.

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Should a Big Mac with bacon should even be classed as a Big Mac at all?

But Big Mac purists are questioning ‘if a Big Mac with bacon should even be classed as a Big Mac at all?’, whilst others are welcoming the new addition in to the Big Mac family with open arms.

The burger brand roped in Harry Redknapp and his son Jamie to debate the issue from the comfort of a 4×4.

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Valentine’s Day marketing campaign round-up 2019

A round up of marketing’s contribution to the annual celebration of love.

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Mothercare’s new campaign aims to normalise images of post-natal mothers

A new campaign launched by Mothercare intends to challenge unrealistic images of new mothers and their bodies post childbirth.

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KLM install hologram bar to connect travellers

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have built a hologram bar where travellers can ‘meet’ to exchange local tips at airports.

This new travel experience (installed in the Holland, Norway and Brazil) is called ‘Take-off Tips’ and is driven by 3-D facial scanning and hologram technology.

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IKEA deploy supersized SMÅKRYP bath toys to clean the Thames

IKEA Greenwich have unveiled a unique remote-controlled boat that clears rubbish from polluted waterways.

Introduced as part of the launch of Ikea Greenwich the ‘Good Ship IKEA’ has been modelled to look like the retailer’s best-selling bath toy, SMÅKRYP.

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Instagram’s most liked egg revealed as part of mental health campaign

Uploaded on January 4th, the infamous yet innocuous egg challenged the world to make it the most liked post on Instagram.

Reaching over 52 million likes, it quickly surpassed all others – knocking Kylie Jenner’s post off the top spot.

However over the course of subsequent posts, the egg began showing cracks; appearing more fragile with every new upload.

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