Bike shop ‘hacked’ to illustrate the impact of a cyber attack

By on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Members of the public watched in astonishment recently as staff at a retailer of the iconic bike manufacturer Brompton arrived to find their store had been ‘hacked’.

Insurer Hiscox, a specialist in cyber insurance, collaborated with Brompton Bicycle to stage a ‘real world’ hack – simulating the effects of a cyber attack by constructing a complete clone of their east-London store overnight, hiring look-a-like staff and even stocking the shelves with counterfeit merchandise.

Reactions of staff and passers-by were captured as the fake store – ‘3rompton’ – opened its doors to the public on the opposite side of the road and subsequently launched a series of cyber attack simulations on the genuine Brompton store in Shoreditch.

NOTE: The presence of cameras was explained to staff who were told that a film crew would be there for the day working on a documentary about Brompton.

Agency: AMV BBDO

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