Apple unleashes hundreds of parkour athletes to promote new phone

By on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Apple pulled together a massive group of parkour athletes and runners for its latest ad to promote the new liquid retina display.

Attracting nearly 500,000 views and 15k Likes in 48hrs hours on YouTube the commercial is for the new iPhone XR.

The spot features hundreds of runners, dressed in brightly coloured overalls performing acrobatics and parkour feats.

The Apple/product branding in the film has been given very light touch and the usual shouty product messaging is almost non existent.

Mac Rumours spotted an Easter egg – the van from which the runners emerge bears the licence plate I-XR0941, which references the iPhone XR and the time, 9.41 which Apple uses in all of its stock imagery.

London music artist, Cosmo Sheldrake’s provides the soundtrack.


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