72 School Buses Form a Mile-Long Anti Sex Trafficking Billboard

By on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A line of six dozen school buses coiled through Atlanta in an attempt to illustrate the scope of the problem of child sex trafficking in Georgia.

Street Grace, a charity that works to end domestic sex trafficking of minors, made an announcement that nobody could ignore. A line of 72 school buses stretched through a mile of Atlanta traffic. Enough seats to transport 3,600 kids, the predicted number of children that fall victim to trafficking each year and emblazoned on the sides of the yellow buses, the chilling statistics and calls to “Stop Traffick.”

“What these buses represent here today should anger you, and it should inspire you to help us by becoming our eyes and ears in your community,” State Attorney General Chris Carr said.

The parade of buses concluded at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be held in February. Authorities believe big events like that can cause a spike in sex trafficking.

Carr added, “By Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, all buyers and traffickers will know that Georgia does not tolerate those who seek to exploit our state’s children,”.

By @milanolivia

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