KFC promotes negative customer Tweets to promote new fries recipe

By on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Here’s a great example of why embracing your flaws can be powerful creative tool.

KFC has changed its fries recipe after customers complained they were terrible – and is using customer’s tweets to highlight the message.

The smart campaign sees the fast food giant promote negative tweets to highlight the problem – and the solution.

One customer wrote on Twitter: “Dear KFC, No one likes your fries. Yours sincerely, the entire world.”

Another commented: “KFC are riding solely on their chicken because Christ, those are crap fries.”

Responding to the harsh criticism, KFC told The Sun: “Three tweets. Three emotional daggers. They took a matter of moments to write, but they’ve lingered long and heavily in our hearts.

“Instead of crying into our (soggy) fries, we’ve decided to take action. Radical, potato-fuelled action.”

One tweet by @Upgrade_Music is being featured on phone box posters.

The creative has also been used for print ads.

Agency: Mother

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