The bill in this Italian restaurant varies depending on your Instagram following

By on Sunday, October 14, 2018

There is a restaurant in Italy, where you can pay in likes rather than cash.

In Milan, a new sushi restaurant is offering discounts based on your number of Instagram subscribers .

Here’s how it works – you order a plate of food and then post a picture of the dish and tag the restaurant on Instagram.

‘On the basis of how many followers they have, the next dish – and possibly more after that – will be free’ – reports The Telegraph.

Brothers Matteo and Tommaso Pittarello hope the initiative will build social buzz for their new restaurant ThisIsNotaSushiBar.

Anyone with 1-5k followers will get one free plate of sushi or sashimi.

For 5-10k followers, there will be two plates gratis.

Eight plates will be free for people with up to 100k followers.

Black Mirror is here.

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