Life-sized elephant hologram spotted in London

By on Monday, October 8, 2018

A life-sized elephant, normally found roaming the plains of Africa, appeared in St Paul’s this morning.

WWF released the elephant hologram, standing at just under five metres, as part of their ‘Stop Wildlife Trafficking’ campaign,

The group are trying to get people to sign a petition calling on the British government to end illegal wildlife trafficking.

The elephant, which is just under 5m tall, is set to appear again in other places in the city, including Abbey Road and Parliament, over the next three days.

The campaign aims to surpass 100,000 signatures calling on the British government to end illegal wildlife trafficking.

Tanya Steele, CEO at WWF-UK said: “Every day, around 55 elephants are slaughtered for their ivory. We brought this incredible elephant hologram to London to remind people of the beauty and majesty of these animals and highlight the urgency of the need to protect them. The illegal wildlife trade is a serious organised crime and one of the biggest threats to wildlife like elephants, tigers and marine turtles. It also hurts communities that live alongside them. We hope the UK public will join us in our call for an end to this brutal trade by signing our petition demanding world leaders in London this week help us stop wildlife trafficking by cracking down on corruption, providing better support for rangers and closing all ivory markets.”

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