Hot water bottles tied to trees for homeless people to take in the cold

By on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

In a truly heart-warming act, the Hot Water Bottle Network are tying hot water bottles to tree branches to help homeless people as temperatures drop.

Each hot water bottle is labelled with directions to nearby businesses that have agreed to provide hot water. The Hot Water Bottle Network have created Facebook groups where people can donate their hot water bottles to the scheme, and the network are keen to expand into more cities across the entire country.

The Bristol organiser, Pete Wentland, said, “It’s already cold on the streets. We are taking this action as an emergency measure to try to make the winter that tiny bit more bearable for those who face the worst brunt of it. In encouraging local businesses to help rough sleepers we also hope for a breaking down of the barriers that separate us.”

By @caitlin_marsh

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