Aphex Twin Takes Mysterious Marketing Underground

By on Friday, August 3, 2018

Cryptic 3D logos brought the tunnels of Elephant & Castle tube station to life this week.

The mysterious marketing sent Aphex Twins fan into a vortex of speculation that the cryptic use of the iconic DJ’s logo teased at the artist’s seventh album.

The British producer, AKA Richard D James, was rumoured to have lived in the glass structure on Elephant and Castle roundabout when he first moved to London, linking him to the area. This has been widely debunked, but James is also thought to have lived in an unoccupied bank nearby in the 90s.

The logos in Elephant and Castle tube station are not his first foray into stealth marketing. In August 2014, he flew a lime green blimp bearing his distinct logo above London venue Oval Space to announce his return with Syro, his first album in 13 years.

This week’s stunt was reported in Evening Standard and Guardian and shared widely on twitter, before Warp confirmed to the Guardian that the ads are real and it was followed by another logo appearance in Turin, Italy, where Aphex Twin will headline Club to Club Festival in November.

Fans are keeping a keen eye on what Aphex Twin does next.


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