Citroën help agency market and create a pair of glasses that help solve motion sickness!

By on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A pair of glasses have been created aiming to cure motion sickness. They were invented by the company Boarding Ring and designed jointly by the agency Traction, who is part of BETC and design agency Studio 5.5, the glasses, branded as ‘Seetroën’ are available for around £87.

The cause of motion sickness, whilst travelling, comes from ‘a difference in perception between sight and the sense of balance’ according to Antione Jeanne, the co-founder of Boarding Ring. To solve this, the glasses form an artificial horizon by a coloured liquid moving in the rings of the glasses which re-balances the perception of the wearer. This is amazingly done in under 10 minutes and worked on 95% of the trials.


The design of the glasses was inspired by the Citroën brand, as the designers aimed to mirror this through the circular design of the glasses. Traction creative director, Nicolas Lautier, said that the aim was ‘to nurture the brand’s DNA, which is comfort and mobility’.

You don’t need to own a Citroën to get your hands on a pair, but the glasses are available now on their online ‘lifestyle’ store.


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