A gelato company in New Zealand has invented wearable ice cream

By on Monday, July 30, 2018

Wearable ice cream is a thing.

New Zealand-based gelateria Giapo has create a collection of wearable ice cream cones.

“The wearable ice cream was a concept the team had had in mind for a while,” says company founder and ice-cream chef Gianpaolo Grazioli.

“We understand the importance of having moments of pure glee: there’s something inherently fun about wearing food rather than merely holding it.”

According to The Herald – its creators say the design of the cone ensures there’s no ice cream leakage. Your finger nests in the point, just like a finger puppet.


“It’s the most popular dessert food in the world and it didn’t seem right that it always had to look the same in cones and cups or on sticks.”

The ice cream brand has form in crazy creations  in November they launched the  “Colossal Squid” cone, a chocolate cephalopod-shaped masterpiece.

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