Tourist Board Offers New Yorkers the Opportunity to ‘Work From Hawaii’

By on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hawaii State Tourism Board has given a whole new meaning to ‘WFH’ (working from home). The tourist board has launched a new campaign inviting young professionals from New York the chance to apply for six residencies, each on one of Hawaii’s six main islands.

The programme aptly titled ‘Work From Hawaii’, a spin on the acronym ‘WFH’, offers six different work spaces including; a remote ‘Writing Desk’ for budding novelists, a ‘Tech Lab’ for Mark Zuckerberg /Elon Musk wannabes, and a ‘Sound Space’ recording studio for musicians.

The website states the residency programme is ‘designed to inspire the best work of your life’.  The initiative has been launched to encourage more people to visit the destination and dispel the misconception that Hawaii is only a couple of islands (there is in fact eight main islands- and yes, I had to Google it).

Who says it doesn’t pay to be an Instagram-savvy, Williamsburg dwelling, creative millennial (eh!).

Full details here:

Apply by June 4th…(pack your board shorts and get your application in the post)


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