Vice pops the Facebook bubble with “Like what you hate” campaign

By on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

With recent elections (and referendums) showing the potential issues with confirmation bias in online communities, Vice has created an online tool which aims to diversify and challenge people’s opinions on social media.

The ‘Like what you hate’ tool works to counter act the social media “bubble” that many of us live in by analysing previously liked material on Facebook  and presenting new pages and content that will almost certainly challenge one’s own personal beliefs and interests.

For every opposing like, the Facebook feed becomes more balanced thus reminding social media users of the true reality in which they live; bursting with many diverse and colourful points of view.

Frederik Andersen, the chief executive of Vice Media Scandinavia explains that “We have made the tool to remind everyone that there exists a world beyond our small social filter bubbles and to show how easy it is to create a greater perspective and gain respect for each other’s views and opinions. I hope that LikeWhatYouHate can help open that mindset and spark debate about the digital walls we surround ourselves with.”

Ultimately, Vice asserts that this campaign is far from being a scientific tool; but rather the site is a “demonstration of why our feeds look like they do – and what we can do to expand our horizons.”

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