Kelloggs and boy band PRETTYMUCH team up to create edible vinyl record of latest single

By on Friday, April 20, 2018

Simon Cowell’s teen boy band PRETTYMUCH, who have been nominated for iHeartRadio 2018 Best Boy Band, have teamed up with Kelloggs to release their song ‘Hello’ on a unique medium – a record made out of chocolate frosted flakes.

As a tasty bonus, the album is not only playable but also edible. This was done by coating the Chocolate Frosted Flakes in a layer of milk and dark chocolate which were then pressed in a 3D-printed mould.

Brandon of PRETTYMUCH stated, “Through our music, we’ve always advocated for having fun and living your greatness in everything you do ’cause it’s just so important to stay true to yourself and have a good time doing it! So, we thought, what better way to do that than release our newest song on the first ever record made of Chocolate Frosted Flakes.”

The album will be sent out to select fans who registered with PRETTYMUCH in advance and they will also have the chance to meet the band in person at Kellogg’s NYC café. Additionally, Tony the Tiger will feature in an exclusive video of ‘Hello’ on PRETTYMUCH’s YouTube channel.

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