This guy’s brilliant video cover letter won him his dream job

By on Friday, March 9, 2018

The ubiquitous challenge of finding employment is spawning a new breed of job hunter: one that takes ever more creative and audacious measures to stand out from the crowd.

Chase Zreet, an ad creative from Texas, really wanted to work on the Sprite account at a top ad agency.

His application cover letter took the form of a rap video which he uploaded to Vimeo, it trended on Reddit and won him his dream job at Wieden and Kennedy.

Zreet raps; ‘I really love the brand and I love the beverage and I’m hoping that these corny lines will give me leverage’

In an email to Fast Company  Zreet said; “The internet is not a categorically kind place, but I am fortunate enough that it was kind to me,” he says. Oh, and it worked. “I have accepted a position at W+K NYC.”

Sprite are lucky to have him.

When it comes to winning a job – creativity always shines through.

Remember Adam Pacitti, the guy who spent his last £500 on a billboard to find a job? He was inundated with approaches.

A Parisian named Phil Dubost took centre stage with an online CV formatted to look exactly like an Amazon page, featuring himself as the product.

Seeking employment as a Web Product Manager, Phil soon hit the headlines when went viral, achieving coverage from England  Germany, America and beyond.


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