McDonald’s turns its logo into directional billboards

By on Monday, March 5, 2018

A new campaign by Cossette has turned McDonald’s golden arches into directional billboards to its nearest restaurants. The ‘Follow the Arches’ campaign has stripped the brand’s name leaving just a segment of the logo to provide easy to follow directions for drivers.

There are four billboards (three static and one digital) across Toronto and if the campaign proves successful it could be extended globally.

“We noticed that all over Canada, from major cities to small towns, you could find signs directing you to the nearest McDonald’s,” said Peter Ignazi, chief creative officer at Cossette.

“This campaign is a nod to those signs, but with a fun visual twist. With minimal text and a creative use of the brand’s colours and logo, ‘Follow the Arches’ not only translates on a national, but a global scale.”

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