Deliveroo’s burger billboard

By on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Deliveroo are celebrating their 10-millionth burger delivery in the UK (a big milestone for all of us…) by installing a 6-metre wide wall of free burgers in London.

The company have managed to generate themselves a double media hit out of this by announcing the stunt in February in the style of the kind of street food pop ups that abound in London and generating coverage in the Standard, Metro and others.

Now they’re back with the actual burger billboard and a series of eye-catching pictures no doubt being set up for tomorrows consumer press.

Of course the real success will come as people share on social media and it seems like they’re having some success there already:

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the billboard is in Shoreditch – London’s young, instagramming, tech-startupping heartland.

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