Ikea releases advert that doubles as pregnancy test

By on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ikea has never been a brand to shy away from creativity in its advertising and PR campaigns – but this might be its weirdest yet!

Parents-to-be have been invited to literally urinate on Ikea’s latest advert in Swedish magazine Amelia – not in some sort of dirty protest, but to reveal special family discounts on baby furniture in store. If the advert reveals you’re pregnant, simply bring the advert to your local store and BAM! Discounted baby furniture.

The ad has been picked up by the likes of the Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro, AdWeek, Yahoo, Essential Baby and The Drum at the time of writing (also Architectural Digest, somewhat bizarrely!) and has been met with mixed reviews online…

As messy and ‘ewwww’ inducing as it may be, I really like this from Ikea. It’s a nice continuation of one of my personal favourite campaigns of theirs, now a whole FIVE years ago, where they offered free cots to babies born exactly nine months from Valentine’s Day. It’s got people talking and is weird enough to grab headlines, while still fitting with what the brand is.

I just feel sorry for those Swedish recycling men – there’s going to be an awful lot of soggy pages to wade through…

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