There is now a 1kg Christmas burger and it’s less than £20!

By on Monday, December 4, 2017

A restaurant chain has recently announced a Christmas dinner burger that weighs in at 1kg and contains 7oz of steak patty, as well as smoked turkey breast and roast gammon. This sounds (and looks) like the best thing ever!

Could you finish a 1kg Christmas dinner burger?

If that wasn’t good enough, that’s all topped off with cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, aged cheddar cheese and candied pigs in blankets and has an entire festive pasty bake stuffed inside it as well.

The Solita Christmas Burger is available across Solita’s five restaurants in Manchester, Preston, Prestwich and Didsbury and contains an incredible 2,300 calories.

Obviously not many people have finished off this monster burger, but a lot of people have had a good go! Solita usually puts a poll on Twitter, so their customers can vote for what should be included in their annual festive burger – which I think is incredibly cool getting your customers to decide what they prefer in their meal.

The burger only costs £16.90, with 50p going towards a Manchester homeless charity and it’s not too late to go and try one as it’s available until 7th January.

I think this is a great stunt, it seems like they do it every year, they get their customers involved, and it’s cheap considering how much food you get!

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