Burger King serves beaten up burgers to highlight bullying

By on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Burger King is known for doing fun PR stunts, however this time they’ve decided to do one with a very important underlying message, and it’s a brave move considering they p***d off a few customers in the process.

In an undisclosed restaurant, Burger King employees serve beaten up Whopper Jr. hamburgers, and to no one’s surprise 95% of the customers get up to complain. Alongside this, a kid is getting bullied by some other kids who are verbally abusive, shove him and poor a drink on his burger, however only 12% of these customers got up to help him.

Now the kids doing the bullying and being bullied are, of course, actors, however the customers apparently are not – this demonstrates a poignant message that people are not willing to stand up to bullying however are happy to complain about something that directly affects them, deep huh!

The video was released for National Bullying Prevention Month, in partnership with the group No Bully, which says 30 percent of students worldwide are bullied.



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