Specsavers’ use iPhone leak in new billboard ad

By on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

After Apple’s major new iPhone leak, Specsavers have used the company’s misfortune to their own advantage, basing a new outdoor advert on the leak.

New real-time billboards have been put up across the UK, referencing to topical subjects and news by the minute, to remind the public the importance of getting their eyes tested.

An example of one of the live billboards was yesterday’s iPhone leak, where Specsavers ran an ad stating ’More important than leaking phones’. Another said, ‘More important than post-match handshakes’ which refenced Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho snubbing Stoke City manager Mark Hughes’ handshake.

The billboards update throughout the day keeping the news relevant and is said to continue till September 25th, across 12 UK cities.

I like this campaign because its topical and therefore always relevant. The stunt has gained some attention but not a copious amount. However, as its set to continue over the few weeks it may pick up more as the stories change and become more scandalous!

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