HBO launches Game Of Thrones social campaign using Twitter’s Emoji Engine

By on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ahead of the release of Game Of Thrones’ seventh season HBO has used social media to release exclusive character art. The television giant has produced blockbuster television series such as Westworld, The Wire and The Sopranos.

Fans of the television franchise can tweet @GameOfThrones with #WinterIsHere and an emoji of their choice. If they manage to find the right combination of emoji and # then exclusive character art will be revealed. Certain emoji combinations will also trigger character art from other HBO shows to be revealed.

This makes HBO the first to use Twitter’s Emoji Engine as an avenue to deliver a social campaign. The release of the seventh season of the franchise has been highly anticipated since the end of the last season this time last year, and this campaign has been timed perfectly to fuel even more hype both on social media and in the press.

The franchise has also used Reddit and Google to promote the new season, for example Reddit’s mascot Snoo has become ‘Jon Snoo’.

The campaign has been picked up by outlets such as Mashable, CNET and The Drum, as well as causing lots of buzz on social media. The timing of the stunt is perfect, it hits Game Of Thrones’ target audience and it is also the first of its kind. I’m looking forward to seeing what other stunts and campaigns HBO carry out before the season seven release.

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