Heineken wants to #OpenYourWorld in new campaign

By on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Heineken is asking us to think differently about the people around us, and about them as a brand, as part of their latest campaign.

#OpenYourWorld sees the beer giant try to convince people that although their fundamental beliefs might mean, on the face of it, they can’t enjoy a drink and a chat together, it doesn’t have to be the case.

The campaign has been launched with the video ‘Worlds Apart’ – showcasing how more things unite us than divide us. It’s a surprisingly heartwarming watch, without being too Kumbaya about it.

It’s definitely a new side to Heineken and very much a move away from previous activity in the UK. After global elections tearing friends and families apart (quite literally!) it’s nice to see a brand like Heineken focus on what common ground we all have as opposed to what divides us, particularly on issues like transgender rights, feminism and climate change.

Heineken says it wants to bring people together even in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Presumably they’ll be brought together over a cold one – and I’ll be very tempted to join them after this!

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