The ‘pawfect’ car for dog lovers – Nissan unveils concept to promote new 4×4

By on Thursday, March 9, 2017

Concept campaigns exist in an odd corner of the PR/marketing world.

We all know that they’re not *real* innovation. They exist almost exclusively to gain coverage and, very occasionally, highlight what could be. It’s fun to imagine, until things get to the point where we have ‘trainers that enable you to order pizza with the click of your ankles‘.

Here’s another concept campaign that has at least been put together for the promotional video. It’s gained a load of coverage, too, as you’d imagine.

Nissan’s ‘unveiled’ a unique new model to promote its new X-Trail 4×4. In short, they’ve done that thing where somebody in the angles meeting shouted out ‘hey, the internet loves dogs, let’s go from there’. We’ve all been there.

Highlights of the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept include a two-way ‘dog cam’, water shower, dryer and access ramp. It’s useful-sounding and fun enough to warrant inclusion, but if you’re expecting this to become a real thing, don’t hold your breath.

Involved agency: Performance Communications

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