St. Patrick’s Day success story, a Guinness Donut!

By on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Now we’ve all sobered up after a long St Patrick’s Day weekend, I thought now is the time to write about one of the PR stories that caught my eye around St. Patrick’s Day.

It might not have achieved loads of coverage, but as a brand tie-up, it is a commendable achievement for the Dublin bakery, Aungier Danger to partner with Guinness. The Stout brand is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, like a lot of drinks brands, try to be, but donuts don’t scream Irish tradition.

That being said, Dublin’s trendiest bakery worked with Guinness to produce a dark cocoa donut, filled with a Belgian chocolate mousse – complementing Guinness’s unique flavour. It doesn’t stop their either, they smothered it in a rich a blackcurrant glaze. Perfect if you ask me! The pairing was a result of a collaboration between the Guinness Storehouse Beer Specialist team.

To add another element of fun to the campaign, all Patricks, Patricias, Paddys, Pedros and Podges, or variants of the name, all got to enjoy a free donut on Friday.


Now, lets see if anyone can go one step further for St. Patrick’s Day 2018!

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