Heinz approves ads first proposed in Mad Men ’50 years ago’

By on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

In a case of life imitating art, Heinz has given the go-ahead on a series of adverts first proposed for the brand by none-other than Mad Men’s Don Draper:

In episode ‘To Have and to Hold’ from season six (aired in 2013), Draper pitched the idea to Heinz that a campaign needn’t feature the product at all, “because the consumer will complete the thought. The product will be in their imagination, which is even more powerful.”

Despite not signing off on it ’50 years ago’, Heinz has put it into play, even giving Draper, fictional ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper-Pryce and show creator Matthew Weiner campaign credits:

Each of the following three ads will be placed on individual billboards in New York City. According to Ad Week, they will run in the New York Post, on social media channels, and the fries ad will feature in Variety.

Involved agency: David Miami

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