Volvo opens new relaxation lodge in Swedish mountains

By on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Volvo and premium hotel company, Tablet Hotels, have launched a ‘Get Away’ lodge in the Swedish mountains to promote Volvo’s new V90 Cross Country.

Volvo has said that 6 in 10 people want to spend more time outdoors and less in the office. This stunt is simply to launch the new car, however it comes as part of a bigger campaign idea aimed at people struggling to find that illusive work-life balance.

Residents at the lodge will stay in a double bedroom and have access to, a yoga and contemplation room filled with yoga mats, incense burners and candles. There will also be a 24 hour concierge service on hand to provide residents with food preparation assistance as well as recommending local activities. They will also get to try out the brand new Volvo all-weather premium estate.

I like the stunt and I like the campaign. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to go to a warm lodge in the middle of the Swedish mountains to relax and forget about work. It works extremely well in terms of hitting Volvos target audience which is middle-class workers and families. Also having the lodge in the snowy Swedish mountains links to the fact the car is all weather and able to deal with any conditions.

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