Oysters For The Price of a Freddo Bar, Happy Valentine’s Day

By on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Morrison’s announced this week that in the build up to Valentine’s Day they’re selling oysters for 25p. Once reserved for Britain’s elite, the supermarket is offering the luxury treat for the price of a Freddo Bar – although I’m not sure what is more shocking. The usual price of an oyster can be anywhere from £1 to £5.

To help buyers know what to do with their bargain oysters, Morrisons’ fishmongers are to host oyster preparation classes and prepare individual oysters on request. Oysters are widely considered aphrodisiacs which trigger hormones to get you ready, ahem, for whatever you have planned next Wednesday.

Usually, Valentine’s Day PR activity is limited dull stuff like discounts on roses, as Quidco has announced with The Mirror this year. Or even more boring, was the story from Sainsbury’s and the same sex cards which went on sale for the first time ever this year (shock, horror, it’s 2017 – yes people are gay, and yes they do celebrate!).

Morrison’s has beaten everyone to the prize this year and come up a brilliant idea supported with an interesting bit of research to cut straight through the noise of unexciting campaigns. You could say it was a pearler…

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