Contactless Payment ‘Smart Benches’ Installed in London for World Cancer Day

By on Sunday, February 5, 2017

To boost donations and drive awareness of World Cancer Day on the 4th February, Cancer Research installed ten Smart Benches across London.

The activity was announced in partnership with smart cities business, Strawberry Energy, who created the world’s first contactless payment bench. The wi-fi enabled bench encourages members of the public to donate £2 to the charity. The new installations into Islington and Lewisham are fitted with smartphone charges and complimentary internet access.

Contactless payment technology continues to be an innovation charities are paying close attention to. Recently in Amsterdam, winter coats fitted with payment systems were given to the homeless as a trial where consumers could donate 1 euro by tapping the jacket. The money collected goes into a bank account managed by a certified homeless shelter and can be used to pay for hot food, a night in a shelter or a bath.  

As people have less cash in their pockets, I’m sure we will see more activity like this from brands. It is great to have such a worthy cause in Cancer Research become the first brand to partner on the Smart Bench scheme. 

World Cancer Day was on the 4th February, to find out more about how to can donate please click here

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