John Lewis hosts Christmas ‘Treetorials’ to shoppers

By on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

John Lewis is injecting a bit of festive spirit into education this Christmas and has been hosting Christmas tree masterclasses to shoppers at the London Oxford street store every Thursday from the 1st December.

Shoppers will be taught how to best style their tree to complement their home, how to make a real tree last as long as possible and what the key trends are this year by a Christmas tree expert.

John Lewis is also offering different themed masterclasses, including the ‘family tree’ class, which guides shoppers on how to decorate their tree with their children in mind, and the ‘showstopper’ class that shares the secrets of a head turning tree and how to create the perfect silhouette – you need to know this stuff guys.

This is a nice, engaging festive stunt that I’m sure many shoppers will appreciate.

(Source: Event Magazine)

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