Helen Mirren calls drink drivers ‘pillocks’ in Budweiser Christmas ad

By on Monday, December 5, 2016

Beer giant Budweiser has pulled out the stops this year – bringing the the UK’s grand Dame, Helen Mirren, to tick-off would be drink drivers this festive season.

The 60-second ad was first shown during the Super Bowl in the US earlier this year, and from today Sky TV viewers and UK cinema-goers will be reminded how stupid drink driving is.

Budweiser has teamed up with Uber and the Department of Transport to support the THINK! drink driving Christmas campaign this year, with Uber offering free drives to new users who download the app in December. The company is also working with Budweiser to reveal another element of the campaign closer to Christmas, with an emphasis on reducing drink driving on Christmas Eve.

The ad is also being support with 3,500 posters across the UK and content on Facebook and Snapchat.

I love this campaign – it’s straight-talking without being preachy, and you can imagine the conversation happening down the pub if one of your mates was planning on driving home after one too many. Although I’m not sure how current ‘pillock’ is as an insult (I prefer ‘bellend’ and up), I appreciate Helen had to get through the censors. Her tone is perfectly pitched throughout the whole ad and with any luck, pillocks-in-waiting will think twice before getting behind the wheel drunk.

Remember, if you do drive drunk Helen Mirren won’t be mad – just disappointed.

Watch the ad here:

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